How to Pick and Care for Your Rhinestone Clothing

Rhinestones, Clothing and Washing Instructions

As opposed to other trends which have come and gone, rhinestones shirts have come and conquered the fashion industry.

They are very popular all over the world and more people are liking the design, look and effect that rhinestones give regular shirts and hats. There is no question about what women really like when it comes to fashion. Sparkly stuff will definitely catch their eyes!

When it comes to buying a quality rhinestone t shirt, there is much to consider. The kind of stones used will affect the look, the price and how long they’ll last just as much has how you wash and wear them.

You cannot at any point compare them to screen printed design which only last a few days before they start fading! Rhinestones never fade!

Before you commit to buying a t shirt that you think is right for you, maybe because of your budget and situation, there are certain things you have to know. One of them is the different types of rhinestones.

Types of rhinestones

  • Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski rhinestones and crystals have the best reputation in the business. They are always created with a lot of professionalism using actual crytal. Strong and unique glue is also used to make sure that the stones tightly stick on to the t shirt. In fact, there are high chances that your shirt will wear out even before the stones loosen. The only thing that is worrying to the larger market, is the price. It is much more expensive than any other type.

  • Korean rhinestones

These rhinestones are usually great quality and have good quality glue too. But since there are many Korean stone manufacturers and sellers you do have to take care.


Just like in any business, some makers create a better product than others. But when you make the right choice rival the Swarovski stones at a fraction of the cost!
hotfix rhinestones quality

If you are reading this because you’re actually IN the custom rhinestone t shirt business, or are interested in starting one, you should shop rhinestone sellers in the US. Colman and Company, for example, has a great reputation for stone quality. Tough that business is tied to the makers of the CAMS Rhinestone Machine, they do sell the stones separately and they’ll work with any machine.


If you take good care of your garment then you can be sure that the rhinestones will hold on to them for long no matter the type.

You should always gently wash them with your hands. It is not advisable to throw them in to the washing machine as the glue may get weak. After washing, lay them flat probably on grass so that they can dry.


If you want your shirts to always look new, avoid ironing them. If the shirt is so much creased and you need to iron it, then just iron around the design. This will ensure that the designs are not interfered with.

I guarantee that if you take good care of your rhinestone apparel, then it will definitely last longer. if you wish, you can avoid the expenses of taking your t shirt to a designer to put the rhinestones for you by simply buying and fixing for yourself.

Embroidery in Contemporary Fashion

When we think of embroidery, many of us think about old fashioned, albeit gorgeous, pillow covers, blankets, and clothing. We often think of the classic cross stitch or embroidery pieces that we grew up with on the wall in mom’s house or the heirloom that our grandma still has carefully protected in her glass china case cupboard, now worth untold amounts. Or maybe we think of the classic foreign costumes worn on special, traditional occasions such as the bright, colorful embroidered Mariachi clothing from Mexico, the traditional wedding clothing decorated in gold cords and embroidery in Morocco, or the beautifully decorated, traditional styles of silk embroidery in China. What we often forget is that embroidery is everywhere in modern fashion as well in many different cultures. Now we have some of the grandeur of the old embroidery techniques and skill carefully interwoven with modern clothing styles giving life, beauty and value to clothing that might otherwise be boring.

From the sparkling sequins patterned on a jean purse bag, to the white, modern wedding dress covered from top to bottom in shiny, flowery embroidery beneath a tool over layer, from India to the USA and back to China, embroidery has not died in modern fashion. Embroidery is still an art and it is still a way to put beauty, color, and brilliance on any piece of cloth.


Since embroidery is art, created by someone to express something or show beauty or style where it may have lacked before, it varies with times and cultures as well as any other art form. Some of the best modern pieces showcase the sophisticated quality, skill, and technique of older works with a modern interpretation of style. Because embroidery at Avance Emb has been a long taught skill for thousands of years in many parts of the world, styles and techniques have been developed which may take years to master but which produce a quality of embroidery that is priceless. With modern new and even used embroidery machines (, it is now possible to make some of these pieces of clothing for a price that makes it more accessible to the public.

Dresses are accented with embroidery and beading work to bring out texture and spice. Shirts are made to match handbags, embroidered in patterns of flowers with sequins covering it for added, eye catching effects. Even hats and scarves sometimes have beautifully crafted embroidery on them. Many clothing has incorporated beading techniques as well, using the same embroidery stitches, but adding texture, color, and shine with well placed splashes of color.

From delicate white on white embroidery, originally practiced by the Egyptians, to bright colors and textures, embroidery is still on clothing all over the world, accentuating lines and bringing out beauty.

Incorporating such skill into your own wardrobe can be as simple as walking to the nearest department store, or as sophisticated as planning and executing a piece of work yourself. Incorporating such style added to the skills taught through the ages truly displays taste and fashion, brilliance and thoughtfulness, while maintaining a modern look style that would draw anyone’s eye.

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